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Posted on March 31 2019

Women standing outside with puff sleeve yellow and black shirt with denim jeans

    Who does not like fashion? We all want to look stylish and trendy. To look best in the crowd, we need to follow the trends that suits on us. this year in 2019, we have got some strange yet amazing fashion trends that will not only make you look stylish but also make you look youthful and beautiful. So, let's look at our favorite fasion trends of 2019 that will look good on almost everyone.

Yellow Tones:

    When it comes to fashion or clothes, I guess we need to first talk about the colors that are trending. Yellow is the color that is going to be seen everywhere this year. Marigold yellow, lime yellow, and egg-yolk yellow tones have been seen on the runways almost everywhere. These tones are best for spring season and will make you look young and classy. So, grab your favorite dress, shoes, handbags and even jewelry of this color.


    If you do not own a Tie-Dye piece this year, then are you really living in 2019? This trend was seen prevailing in runways of New York fashion Week. R13, Prada, Eckhuas Latta and Parabal Gurung are responsible for bring this trend back. You can get yourself tie-dye jeans, jackets, shoes and even tie-dye dresses that are further decorated with artificial jewels and sequins.

Cycling shorts:

    Yes, cycling shorts are really trending this year and you really need to get you a pair or two. You would have seen cycling shorts last year, but this year models were seen wearing them on the runways of Chanel, Roberto Cavelli and Fendi. Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are the biggest fans of these cycling shorts. These shorts look stylish and chic on everyone. So, pair them with a crop top or a blazer for a modern look.


    One of the biggest trends of 2019 is patchwork. I promise you that all eyes will be on you when you step out in a patchwork dress or jeans. This trend was brought back back by Diane Von Furstenberg,  Alice + Olivia and Libertine as they showed patchwork looks at New York fashion Week runways. patch-working is not limited to clothes, but are seen on handbags and shoes too. 

Puff sleeves:

    Last year, 1990's trends were back but this year its all about the 1980's. One of the greatest trends that came back is the puff sleeves on the fashion shows of Marc Jacobs and Brocks. These sleeves are with dresses, tops and even shirts. One really should have a puff sleeve dress in closet.


    Animal printing is always in fashion and we have seen different types of animal prints like zebra, leopard and tiger. But this year, a new animal print is trending and that is snakeskin. In the year 2019, you can shop snakeskin shirts, shoes, coats and dresses. Coach has also launched so many snakeskin bags this year.

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